Klimaat Slogans

Leuke en creative teksten en spandoeken


- Politicians talk, leaders act
- Act now or swim later
- Climate is changing, why aren't we?
- There are no jobs on a dead planet
- Our home is on fire
- Teach green, save the world
- If "Plan A" didn’t work. The alphabet has 25 more letters!
- Stay cool. Don't be a fossil fool
- System change, not climate change
- It doesn´t take a superhero to save the world... Just you!
- All I want for Christmas is sensible climat policy
- Respect your mother planet
- Don't mess with our future
- Winter is not coming
- You are stealing our future
- If the climate were a bank, it would already have been saved

- There is no 'plan B', because we do not have a 'planet B'
- If you change nothing, nothing will change
- The earth is what we all have in common
- What I stand for is what I stand on #earth
- The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it


- We hebben 26 letters om planeet A te redden!
- Schat, waar ligt de reserve aarde? Deze is bijna op
- Schiet op met dat gepraat voor een beter klimaat

Burgerschapsonderwijs over opwarming aarde, nepnieuws?
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